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OkDo travaux, the specialist of the renovation works in Belgium, proposes you a complete range of services of outdoor arrangements in Brussels and Wallonia. Even if several specialized trades are needed, you have a sole interlocutor and only one global price quotation.

By “outdoor layout”, we mean works as various as the construction of a wooden or stone patio, the paving of all types, the slight modification of the terrain topography (earthmoving works) or still the creation of paths and walks in your garden. Companies and big structures also request for our services in the framework of the building of parking lots, aisles and entrances.

Time saved and good quality/price ratio: the assets of our works of exterior transformation

There are many good reasons for you to contact OkDo travaux in the framework of your works aimed to embellish your garden and outdoor space :

  • Works are made by garden and outdoor spaces contractors, who are specialized in what they do and make a highly qualitative job. OkDo travaux works only with the specialists of outdoor works, wherever you live in the Walloon Brabant, Namur or Brussels. They have been appointed on the basis of the quality of their services.
  • You no longer need to contact several companies specialized in the garden and outdoors arrangements! OkDo travaux takes care of everything, compares the price quotations and selects only the best trades. And this, in full transparency. You are absolutely certain that your garden and outdoor arrangements will be done at the best quality-price ratio.
  • A global price quotation for your garden arrangements. Several very specific trades might be needed in the framework of your exterior layout (carpenter, gardener, paver, pool specialist, and so on).  OkDo travaux makes your life easier through its unique and global quote for your outdoor renovation.

Garden and earthmoving works include the construction of patios, ponds or still the setting up of an outdoor lighting

Over the twenty past years, the outdoor layout has become more and more important in the domestic art of living. The patio has become the extension of the living room, where we can take pleasure and relax in fine weather.
The outdoor works are as boundless as the human imagination. You can ask for anything you want to get the garden of your dreams. This is besides the reason why the outdoor works includes so many different spheres :

The earthmoving works and the slight modification of the terrain topography

A qualitative outdoor layout starts with a terrain adapted to your needs. It could be needed to level a part of your garden to build a patio or a parking lot on it. But nothing precludes you from making use of a sloping relief to build a pleasant garden with many landings for example.

Parks and gardens works with or without a pond

The multiplicity of techniques and the democratization of the outside aquatic material make the construction of ponds, lakes and pools easier to reach. In the framework of a garden renovation, the water brings a beautiful and revitalizing touch.  However, it is not indispensable. To bring your colorless garden back to life, you can request for pruning works, grass planting works or for the creation of flowerbeds. The erection of a fence or of a gabion wall can also bring comfort and privacy to your property.

The creation of wooden, stone and cobblestone patios

It is possible to set up wooden patios that resist against the ravages of time while respecting the logging industry by choosing, for example, fair trade materials. The exotic ipe wood is especially popular these days. But we can also request for heat treated wood that resists for a long time against rot and ultraviolet rays.

In the same vein, cobblestones and stones in your garden offer a wide range of possibilities, depending of course on the budget invested. The blue stone alone or combined with wood offers an authentic and contemporary touch. However, we can also use cobblestones or coatings in vogue such as the outdoor fair-faced concrete which can be colored.

In any case, do not hesitate to contact OkDo travaux to get quickly a global price quotation for your garden arrangement works.

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