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OkDo travaux is the Belgian leader of the turnkey renovation service of your house. Whether you want to transform your entire house or modernize just a part of the roof or of the exterior carpentry, our teams are at your service to help you. OkDo travaux commits itself to giving you professional pieces of advice about construction works, to taking charge of your renovation project and to looking for qualified trades to realize it. The follow-up of the renovation work is also ensured by our service providers, as well as the coordination of the several trades. You delegate, and OkDo travaux takes care of everything!

You want to review the interior insulation of your house, or the facade insulation? You’ve decided to change your frames or to modernize your roof? You set yourself the challenge of turning your aging property into a dream home? Choose OkDo travaux to assist you !  

OkDo travaux – the ideal partner to complete successfully your renovation project

Because of their large scale, renovation works might be frightening for the major part of the potential buyers. OkDo travaux makes your life easier through its made-to-measure service full of advantages :

  • Help for choosing an architect: the teams of OkDo travaux gather all the requested skills to assist and guide you in the selection of an architect for your renovation project. Our brokers can also act together with your architect.
  • Certified “QualityPRO” contractors: your broker gets in touch with the certified “QualityPRO” contractors from your region. This excellence label guarantees your service provider’s respectability and quality of work.
  • A global and simplified quote: OkDo travaux is in charge of gathering all the quotes requested from the previously contacted contractors, and of comparing them in order to propose the best quote.
  • A sole interlocutor on the worksite: your broker or project coordinator is your sole contact person during the works. His role is to keep the clients informed about the continuity and planning of the works, and to regulate the trades’ order of arrival so that they do not disturb each other when working, and do not loose precious time.
  • Unique guarantees for your works: OkDo travaux proposes to its clients a global accompanying and unique guarantees in terms of deposit protection.

From the insulation and the installation of new frames to the renovation of the roof: a question of comfort and finishing touches

Renovation works are indispensable to ensure a good standard of living within an old property. OkDo travaux assists you in the entirety of your project and proposes you a service in the framework of which we study the allowances you could get for your renovation works. Our aim is thus to guarantee you to obtain the higher possible subvention.  

Home insulation: energy savings and comfort

It is quite often necessary to think over the entire insulation system. If the best way to avoid thermal bridges is the facade insulation, this technique is not suitable for all the properties. External insulation enables to reduce 25% of energy and thermal losses within the house. This kind of insulation comprises the placing of an insulating layer and the covering up of this material with a cladding, a facade render or facing bricks.

Owners who want to keep the facade of their property as it is, especially when it is made from old bricks or natural stones from the country, can choose another method: internal insulation. An insulation-expert company takes charge of your walls, partitions, floor, roof and attic floor so as to reduce your energy bill and enhance your standard of living.

Roof renovation: stop water leakage and thermal losses

Your roof is in a bad shape? The framework is under threat of collapse? OkDo travaux is at your service to give you some words of advice and to determine with you what are the best solutions at the best prices for your roof works (cover materials, sheet metal alternative materials or framework repairs).

Replacement of frames and glazing: acoustic and thermal insulation

Nowadays, there are numerous improvements and innovations in terms of frames, as far as the esthetic, the thickness of the glazing and the acoustic and thermal properties are concerned. Do not neglect your frames and exterior carpentry renovation, so as to avoid every possible thermal loss.

You want your house to be renovated? Contact OkDo travaux !

OkDo travaux is the number one among the transformation work coordinators in Belgium. In order to get a global quote for the follow-up of your renovation works, or to obtain any further information about our skills, contact us from now on! Our teams will be pleased to fulfill your requests.

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