Construction & Extensions

OkDo travaux is the renovation expert everywhere in Belgium. Our job? Allow you to get a qualitative work without any troubles. You will have only one interlocutor for the entirety of your works, even if several trades are needed for your project.

Structural works are one of our major hubs of activity. Destroying a load-bearing wall in your house? Building a new annex from A to Z? Renovating the foundations? Repairing or globally transforming a sloped or flat roof? A few seconds suffice to introduce a quote request.

Why should you definitely call on OkDo travaux for your structural works in Belgium?

Classical or wooden framework house, roof, structure, foundation – OkDo travaux’s experience.

OkDo travaux, one of the major companies in building construction and transformation, is often requested in Wallonia, Brussels and Flanders for structural works, such as :

You should note that you need an architect to intervene for some of the large-scale works. In this regard, OkDo travaux can give you some pieces of advice. You can contact us wherever you are in Belgium. It does not commit you to anything.